Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Maximizing Your Savings Plus Account

At Next Level we specialize in working with law enforcement to provide the investment and planning resources needed to maximize California's Savings Plus 401k and 457 accounts.  

Continuous study of retirement plans clearly demonstrate that participants who retain professional support realize an average of 3% more return each year.  

We invite you to book a complementary consultation to assess your account and learn how to optimize your Savings Plus account.  

Our complementary 90 minute consultation includes: 

  1. Review personal risk tolerance to identify your optimum return potential and clarify retirement income potential.  
  2. Review your Savings Plus Account to determine if your current investment allocation is optimally aligned with your retirement needs/goals. 
  3. Review the process for creating and maintain an optimized Savings Plus account. 
  4. Clarify the personal resources needed to optimize your Savings Plus Account. 

About Next Level Investment Management

We offer independent investment management services to participants of the California Savings Plus program. Our management services include face-to-face retirement, estate, and college planning support (see video).  Unlike most financial advisors, we actually work within the California Savings Plus plans as an Independent Investment Advisor (fiduciary) to help optimize your account by realizing a prudent professional standard of care.  

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