Maximizing Your California Savings Plus Plan

Maximizing Your California Savings Plus Plan

Maximizing Your Hewitt 401k or 457 Plan 

Retirement plan participants who receive continuous investment advice and support earn an average of 3% more per year than those who do not.

Your Hewitt 401k/457 plan offers a self-directed brokerage option (SDBO) that provides access to thousands of additional mutual funds within your Savings Plus account.  More importantly, your Hewitt SDBO provides an opportunity to utilize an Advisory Care Plan to help ensure you are prudently managing all aspects of your retirement account(s).  

An Advisory Care Plan (ACP) provides both the direct professional management of your Hewitt account as well as continuous personal planing support from an experienced financial advisor. This double layer of care offers significant advantages over core investment options. 

    Advantages of An Advisory Care Plan

    • Access to thousands of additional funds
    • Opportunity to reduce investment expense and control risk
    • Personalized investment strategies including a Faith and Values solution
    • Performance reports you can understand 
    • Portfolio management bound by a fiduciary standard of care
    • Face-to-face retirement planning advice and support 
    • Integration and coordination with your outside assets
    • ​Pre-Retirement Solution While Your Are Still Working 

    Easily Compare Your Options

    Call or email me today to discuss your options and determine whether an Advisory Care Plan improves your probability of success.  530.243.9888  


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