Shasta Regional Medical Center 401k (SRMC401k.COM)

Shasta Regional Medical Center 401k (SRMC401k.COM)

Maximize Your SRMC 401k 

Retirement plan participants who receive continuous advice and support earn an average of 3% more per year than those who do not.  Your Prime Healthcare 401k offers a Schwab's Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) that allows you to retain the direct personal support every investor needs to protect their savings and maximize their retirement benefits. 

How It Works

Your Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) offers thousands of additional investment options and access to personal advisory services that combine continuous professional portfolio management with the face-to-face support of an experienced financial adviser.   


  • ​Access to thousands of additional funds
  • Opportunity to reduce investment expense and control risk
  • Personalized investment strategies including a Faith and Values solution
  • Performance reports you can understand
  • Continuous portfolio management bound by a fiduciary standard of care
  • Face-to-face retirement planning advice and support
  • Integration and coordination with your outside assets

Getting Started

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