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What's The Difference? A Guide To Investment Strategies

| January 12, 2021

Investing Evolved

When constructing a portfolio we seek to design a personalized solution that will keep you invested through all market cycles, up and down. Portfolios implemented with this method have a larger allocation to the stock market, which can help you get closer to your financial goals over the long term. We call this personalized approach Investing Evolved

Investment management strategies can be divided into three categories. Each differing in the role they play within a portfolio. Core Market Strategies provide exposure to growth in domestic and global economies. Tactical Strategies take advantage of opportunities to earn additional returns, or work to limit portfolio losses during extended times of market stress. Diversifying Strategies help manage equity risk, particularly during times of steep market declines.  Bond alternatives, for example, may help smooth performance during changes in market trends, and 'normal' market volatility. Equity alternatives, in contrast, are designed to offset steep declines during times of market crises.  

When combined together in a portfolio, these different approaches can help provide a smoother investment experience over the long term, helping investors stay in the markets and achieve their financial goals.  When designing a personalized investment solution we typically start by identifying a stand-alone Core Strategy that anchors the client's portfolio to a proven solution. We then consider adding a Tactical Strategy depending upon whether the investor leans more towards a defensive or opportunistic disposition.  Finally, we examine Bond and Equity alternatives where appropriate.   

A primary reason we use the AssetMark platform is so we can offer personalized custom solutions based upon the Investing Evolved approach. As we monitor portfolios we continually assess opportunities to accomodate individual needs by augmenting core strategies.  Tactical and Diversifying strategies aren't for everyone, but they can be powerful additions when suitable.