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Private Wealth Services

Our Private Wealth Services elegantly combine the advantages of custom portfolio management with comprehensive personal planning support. Our Private Wealth Services are designed for high net worth families seeking a personalized approach to investing, tax reduction strategies, business planning solutions, legacy strategies, and retirement opportunities. Through a highly tailored investment strategy, we aim to help high net worth families reduce taxes, protect their savings and optimize returns.  

Custom Portfolio Management

At Next Level we specialize in personalized portfolio management services for families seeking customized strategies that address their unique investment needs, risk tolerances, market environment and investment opportunities. No two custom portfolios are the same.  Each is actively managed as it continuously evolves over the life of the client’s financial plan.  

Direct Portfolio Manager Relationship:   Our private wealth services elevate the client experience by incorporating a direct relationship with a dedicated portfolio manager and team who can adjust portfolios based on changing personal needs.  

Tailored Risk Management:  Our private portfolio management solution takes risk management to the next level by continually communicating with clients during non-normal periods to ensure personal downside limits are always accommodated.  

Personalized Income Strategies:  Income needs will change as you move through each stage of life. We build and maintain flexible income strategies to accommodate your specific goals and needs. We continually assess your plan to ensure that it’s working effectively.  

Active Tax Management: Tax erosion can dramatically reduce net investment performance. Our Private Wealth Services incorporate sophisticated tax management solutions that help continuously mitigate the personal cost of tax erosion through individual securities rather than mutual funds. 

Socially Responsible and Values Based Investing: Investors often want to align investment decisions with their core personal values.  We offer and encourage a variety of options for accommodating social, environmental, and faith based concerns.  

Enhanced Quarterly Reviews:  Our private wealth services offer in-depth review meetings with a personal Private Portfolio Management Team. Direct continuous communications with your manager ensures your strategy is always tuned to your personal needs and desires. 

Generational Wealth Management:  Households with $150,000 or more may qualify for private wealth management services as part of a high net worth 'family'.  Each household is privately managed separately, but together qualify for a advanced solutions and reduced fees.   

Comprehensive Personal Planning

Private Wealth Services include comprehensive and continuous planning support through leading-edge, web-based planning technology that allows us to seamlessly coordinate with our clients.   We actively work with clients’ legal, tax, and risk management advisors.

Would You Like to Become a Next Level Investor?

If you are interested in becoming a Next Level Investor, then personally contact us to briefly discuss your situation and schedule a complimentary consultation.  We offer in-office and virtual meetings. 

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