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Independent Retirement Account Management

Maximize Your Retirement Account Benefits

We work within many retirement plans to provide the professional investment management resources and local planning support every plan participant needs to help protect their savings and maximize retirement account benefits.

Participating Local Plans: 

How It Works

Retirement plans typically provide a limited selection of investment options and cursory planning support. Plan participants most often lack the time, temperament, and training to effectively navigate the complexities of investment management and retirement planning. This most often results in underperformance and exposure to unnecessary risk.  

We seek to remedy this dilemma by providing select retirement plan participants with comprehensive local planning support and direct access to advanced investment management solutions within their existing retirement plans.   

This opportunity is facilitated through a plan's Self Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA). SDBA's are often built into retirement plans and allow the participant to retain professional portfolio management services from their own Registered Investment Advisor (fiduciary).

By adding personalized professional investment management and local face-to-face planning support retirement plan participants may avoid expensive mistakes and maximize their retirement account benefits.  


  • Access to thousands of additional funds 
  • Customized investment strategies designed to meet personal needs
  • Professional services of an experienced Registered Investment Advisor bound to a fiduciary standard of care
  • Opportunity to control risks and reduce expensive management mistakes
  • Supplemental quarterly performance reports 
  • Complementary financial planning support

Our Services Include

  • Assistance with portfolio design as well as strategist selection and monitoring
  • Complementary local financial planning support
  • Integration and coordination with your outside assets 
  • Monitoring of performance results to ensure compliance with prudent standards of care  

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