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California State Employees

Maximize  Your  California  Savings  Plus  401k/457 

Like most retirement plans, the California Savings Plus program offers limited investment options and minimal planning support. As such, the average plan participant is unlikely to optimize investment performance or make prudent planning decisions. It is estimated that the lack of adequate support costs the average participant 3% a year and reduces savings by 79% over a career. 1,2,3,4

Our independent Pre-Retirement Services help to maximize retirement benefits by avoiding the cost associated with inadequate support. By combining continuous professional investment management with comprehensive local planning support, we expect the average investor to reduce risks and recapture about 3% a year in unnecessary loss. This savings may allow a participant to retire earlier and/or with greater wealth.

Pre-Retirement Services for California State Employees

Pre-Retirement Services for California State Employees

We work directly with State employees of to help develop and protect the wealth needed to retire with confidence. We work within the advanced features of the Savings Plus Self-Directed Brokerage Account to expand investment options, facilitate personalized strategies, and reduce the cost of inadequate management. Our complementary planning services support the high level personal organization needed to confidently maximize progress towards retirement goals.

How It Works

This opportunity is facilitated through the Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) built into the California Savings Plus retirement plan. Through the SDBA we may help participants retain the professional portfolio management services of an experienced Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The RIA functions as an independent fee-only fiduciary. As your Investment Advisor Representative, we share the RIA's normal fee, provide complimentary financial planning support, and continuously monitor results.

Advantages of Advisory Support In Savings Plus

  • Proven track record of performance since 1984
  • Access to thousands of additional funds
  • Customized investment strategies designed to meet personal needs
  • Acknowledged fiduciary standard of care
  • Greater control over risks and investment expense
  • Supplemental quarterly performance report

Advantages of Our IAR Services

  • Continual assistance with portfolio design and RIA selection
  • Complementary local financial planning support
  • Integration and coordination with your outside assets
  • Continuous monitoring of results

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