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Overview of Services

Next Level Investment Management Inc. 

We are an independent firm in Redding, California dedicated to helping a broad range of clients become prudent stewards of their wealth. We offer fee-based investment management services and provide objective, responsible financial planning assistance. We deliver services to clients through secure personal planning websites that enable us to collaboratively organize and manage all aspects of your financial life in real time.

Wealth Management Made Easy

We provide every client with a secure personal financial planning website that enables us to integrate and coordinate all aspects of a personal financial plan. [see video

Fee-Based Investment Management 

We have offered professional fee-based investment management services since 1995. Services include portfolio design, implementation, ongoing management and continuous monitoring. Clients are provided periodic performance reports and online monitoring tools.  [more about asset allocation]

Tax Preparation

We maintain strategic alliances with select tax advisors, and help manage the annual tax preparation process.  (More Information

Maximize Your 401k, 403b, or 457 Plan

Retirement accounts often represent the bulk of your savings. We work within many employer-sponsored retirement plans to provide direct management of individual retirement accounts. 

Retirement Planning

Our clients begin their financial planing journey with the development of a retirement plan. We utilize leading-edge technology to provide continuous monitoring and ensure plans remain relevant.  [see video]

Sustainable Responsible and Faith Based Strategies

Investors are increasing concerned with the impact of their investment decisions. Our clients have the opportunity to integrate their personal values into their investment selection process.

Education Funding

We can help you analyze the expected cost of a college education and explore numerous funding options such as UGMA accounts, Educational IRAs, 529 plans and employee benefit plans. [see video]

Elder Care Support

Managing personal finances can overwhelm many aging seniors. At Next Level we help our clients monitor their parents’ complete financial picture so they can. [see video]

Estate Planning

We will review your estate planning needs, existing wills and trusts and recommend steps you can take to maximize the benefits to your heirs while minimizing the tax liability on your legacy.

Non-Profit Training and Support

We can help non-profit organizations to meet their investment fiduciary duties.  Services include assessment of investment practices, develop of investment policy, strategy implementation, and ongoing monitoring.

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