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Tax Preparation and Management

Tax Preparation

To help control the rising costs of tax preparation I maintain alliances with independent tax advisers and help to coordinate reasonably priced tax preparation services. This service incorporates the convenience of the complementary electronic document vault I provide every client. 

Simplified Tax Preparation Process:

  1. Request an introduction. I'll email a formal introduction to a trusted CPA.  
  2. Directly interview CPA to confirm tax preparation needs and confirm pricing. Note, CPA may need to see a prior tax return in order to confirm their pricing. 
  3. Confirm by email that you've hired the CPA and authorize access to tax documents in your electronic document vault. 
  4. Deliver your tax docs to my office and sign Form 8879 to authorize electronic filing. I'll then upload the docs to your electronic vault.  
  5. CPA prepares and electronically files your tax return(s), then uploads final copy to shared document folder. 
  6. CPA emails you a bill for services rendered. 


  1. Virtual services simplify the filing process.
  2. Competitive pricing. 
  3. Expands the coordination of your wealth management team by more effectively integrating the services of your tax advisor and investment advisor/planner.   

Investment Tax Management 

Most Americans don’t take the time to understand the role taxes play in achieving, or falling short of, their long-term financial goals. They don’t realize that, if left unchecked, taxes can reduce returns by as much as 60%. The fact is, taxes on investment income and capital gains affect every investor—not just the ultra-wealthy. It’s especially challenging for retirees who mistakenly assumed that their tax rate would be lower in retirement. Furthermore, a constantly evolving tax code may mean greater tax liability in the future for all investors.

Over the past 40 years, tax management techniques have advanced to keep pace with our ever-changing tax code. Traditional municipal bonds and low turnover equity mutual fund approaches gave rise to more efficient and sophisticated methods reflecting the growing need for globally diversified portfolios. Being mindful of after-tax performance and supplementing year-end reviews with a year-round approach may dramatically enhance investor wealth in up and down markets. At the same time, financial advisors who adopt a proactive and disciplined tax management model are better positioned to attract higher-net-worth investors and deepen relationships, resulting in more loyal and satisfied clients. Working with an investment advisor experienced with implementing these advanced tax strategies is more important than ever. In this white paper, we survey the tax management landscape and offer practical insights and strategies to help investors pursue greater wealth by keeping more of what they’ve earned.

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